Getting Value From Corporate Video Production

Corporate Affairs Managers and Public relations professionals have always known that there is a hierarchy when it came to methods of conveying information. The least powerful is long-form copy. Above that is the still image (with or without a caption). Top of the heap is video. There are a number of reasons for this, some physiological and others simply the result of human resources, investor and stakeholder relations and strategic concerns.

Physiologically human beings are a visual species. We are hard-wired to pay attention to movement and the detail supplied by sight – and physical manifestations of emotion (think of a smile). From a human resources point of view video ticks all the boxes when it comes to internal communication. Raw footage can be sliced and diced to be relevant to various audiences. A simple voiceover can address any potential language issues and it remains relevant for an amazingly long time due to the ability to edit content. Corporate video production is also perfect for stakeholder and customer/client relations. It can be delivered using a variety of mechanisms and again tailored to the unique messaging requirements that address the multitude of demographics that the organization wishes to target.

However – with all these apparent advantages the danger of losing focus on what makes video so effective is very real. Corporate video production can be a tricky business if not handled by seasoned professionals. the messaging needs to be correct and the production values need to be exceptional. The balance between the notoriously short attention span of audiences in the 21st century and the effective communication of the brand identity and value proposition is one that provides a challenge.

So how does the organization ensure that the sometimes pricey video production process delivers an exceptional product?

The first step is fairly self-evident. Enlist the services of a professional. The filming of raw footage should not be the responsibility of an amateur – no matter how gifted. The professional videographer has a mastery of lighting, sound, editing and a whole host of other considerations.

Secondly. Know your audience demographic and sharpen your messaging (less is more as far as the messaging is concerned). A good Corporate Affairs professional will be able to offer the production house invaluable information at the pre-production brief. However, it takes a professional video production outfit to translate the content of that briefing into an action plan – and from then to a professional final product.

Never underestimate the power of emotion. One of the ways that a great corporate video production company will help an organization is to harness the power of emotion and tell a human story. That is the power of a video medium. It can show faces, postures, and attitudes. Tell that human story about how the company or the product – or investment has changed the lives of employees or consumers. Make it about the people.

A corporate video can be one of the most powerful weapons in the communication arsenal of any organization – if it is done right. Get it wrong and the results (especially in the age of the Internet where information is so easily shared) and the results can be disastrous. Consult with professionals – and make sure that your corporate video production budget is well spent.

Modern advertising

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